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The Institute for Statistics Education at partners with the American Council on Education (ACE) using their "Credit Recommendation Service." ACE is an organization of more than 1800 U.S. universities, 4-year colleges and community colleges, including institutions that are both public and private, for-profit and not-for-profit.

Currently, you can earn ACE credit recommendation for these courses:



ACE Transfer
Credit Value

Introductory Statistics for Credit

Statistics 1 - Probability and Study Design and Statistics 2 -  Inference and Association must be satisfactorily completed -8 weeks

3.00 Semester Hours in Statistics or Mathematics (requires marks of 70% or better on the two courses combined, including a single proctored final online exam scheduled at the end of the second course)

Lower division
degree category

Biostatistics for Credit

Both Biostatistics 1 and Biostatistics 2 must be satisfactorily completed - 8 weeks

3.00 Semester Hours in Statistics, Medicine, or Biotechnology requires marks of 70% or better on the two courses combined, including a single online final exam scheduled at the end of the second course)

Upper division
baccalaureate degree

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 I need to transfer credit to my college or university

Many U.S. universities agree to accept the American Council on Education's credit recommendation. 

Check this list to see if your school is already part of the ACE College Network

Is your school part of the ACE College Network?




 I need an accredited course to satisfy a prerequisite, meet a job requirement, or to obtain reimbursement from my employer.   I do not need  credit transferred to my institution.

  1. Identify the person in your organization who will approve the course you want to take; for simplicity, we will call this person the "learning coordinator".
  2. Provide your learning coordinator, the syllabus (click for Introductory Statistics  or Biostatistics) along with this document, which shows courses as qualifying for ACE credit.  
  3. Once you get the go-ahead from your learning coordinator, register for the approved course through our online registration system.
  4. When the course begins, you will be asked to specify your marking preference; select "I need a Record of Completion." You will not have to take the final exam.
  5. After you successfully complete the course, submit your Record of Completion to your learning coordinator. You may also print out your homework marks before you leave the course for your own files or to substantiate your successful completion of the course to your learning coordinator.



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