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Certificate Programs in Analytics and Statistical Studies (PASS)

From in-depth clinical trial design and analysis to data mining skills that help you make smarter business decisions, our unique programs focus on practical applications and mastery of skills you need to stay ahead in your field. Whatever your profession and industry, we have specific programs to expand your statistical skill set and meet your business requirements.

Each certificate program provides an appropriate balance of conceptual understanding and practical skills, and will give you the statistical skills and software facility you need in your studies, projects and reports. While open to all, PASS is particularly suitable as part-time study for working professionals.

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Certificate Programs

Analytics for Data Science Biostatistics Certificate Program
Programming for Data Science Social Science Certificate Program



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Structure of PASS

Courses are taught by leading experts with whom you share a private discussion forum for the entire course period. Students participate from all over the world - lessons are opened and closed on a weekly basis, but you may organize your time however you like within each week - there are no set times when you must be online.

There are four main components to each course:

  1. Course materials (course text, course files, video and other materials)
  2. Discussion with the instructor and other students via daily web forum (asynchronous - you need not be online at any particular time of day)
  3. Homework (submitted online weekly, with individualized feedback the following week)
  4. Final project/exam

For more details on how these online courses work, click here. Students successfully completing the Program receive a certificate and transcript.

Library Services

PASS candidates and all students who have enrolled in a course within the last 12 months may borrow materials from the Institute library. Please use this library request form.

Placement Services

As a PASS candidate, once you successfully complete half your program courses, you are eligible for our personalized placement services. We will review your background, your interests, and your work at the Institute, and try to find a match with appropriate recruiters. Our specialty is early-to-mid-career placement (not entry level).

When To Apply

Applications are accepted and students are enrolled year round on a rolling basis. You pay an application fee and submit it with your application form. You may pay the fee online here, or enclose a check (USD drawn on a US bank) with your application. NOTE: The application is your opportunity to specifically outline your past education and experience, and provide any other information you want us to consider during our review. The value of this background and experience is the ability to place the statistical methods covered in the Program in an appropriate application context. Once we have accepted your application, we will be happy to assist you with more specific questions about PASS.

Admission Criteria and Prerequisites

  1. A Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university.
  2. The successful recent completion of an introductory statistics course equivalent to Statistics.com's Statistics 1 and Statistics 2,* (please provide proof in your PASS application).

*If you do not meet this requirement, you may still enroll in PASS. Upon review of your application, we will determine whether you need to take Statistics.com's Statistics 1 and 2. If you do require these foundational courses, we will register you for them and waive the entire tuition fee for these two courses.

Procedure for Enrollment and Matriculation in PASS

  1. Complete and submit the application, your photograph, and the payment of the application fee. Notification of approval is sent usually within one week.
  2. After your application is approved, enroll in the PASS of your choice here and pay the enrollment fee.
  3. If you have NOT already met the introductory statistics requirement, you will be registered for the Institute's Statistics 1 and 2 courses. Full tuition is waived for matriculated PASS candidates.
  4. After you submit your application and receive approval, pay the enrollment fee, and meet the introductory statistics requirement, you will be matriculated into the program and are considered a PASS candidate. You may now register for classes as a PASS candidate and receive our academic tuition deduction - specify PASS as your academic affiliation during the online registration process.

Rules and Policies

  • Once you are matriculated in PASS, you are considered a student at the Institute for Statistics Education at Statistics.com.
  • You must be a fully-matriculated PASS candidate to be eligible to receive the academic tuition deduction provided during online registration, and to receive PASS credit for courses.
  • The Program enrollment fee is a required one-time charge in addition to tuition for individual courses.
  • You are expected to complete all the courses in your Program within 5 years of your matriculation into the program. Any exceptions must be approved in writing by the Institute prior to that 5-year deadline.
  • You must earn a grade of 70% or higher in each course, in order for that course to count toward completion of your program.
  • Upon completion of your PASS, you will receive a Certificate and your official transcript.
  • Up to three Institute courses may be taken prior to enrolling in PASS; credit for these courses may be applied to your PASS transcript once you are a matriculated PASS candidate, provided that adequate marks are earned.
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From a Student Profile:

I’ve increased my exposure in my department and profession because I have experience with a number of data analysis approaches. I’ve been asked to give guest lectures in other classes on statistical methods and different strategies, and I was asked to present at a national conference.

Todd Lewis, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Department of Counseling and Educational Development
School of Education
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

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