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How do you equip your team with data analytics skills?

  • In person short courses: You can extract them from work for a few days, for a concentrated dose of professional development.  This provides an intense experience, but hands-on work can be limited, and the learning can fade.

  • Graduate school: You can send them to graduate courses at a university, but even a single course involves a significant commitment of time and money, and moves the employee from the professional world to the academic world.
  • We offer a third way: The Institute for Statistics Education at

Like a graduate school, the Institute's courses involve considerable work on your own, and practical homework exercises requiring use of software.  Daily interaction with the instructor, teaching assistant and fellow students allow your employees to absorb the material over time, try the methods out on their own data, and to keep coming back for questions.

Like professional development courses, they have focused topics and are limited in time (4 weeks), and are not tied to an academic calendar -- your employees can find some topic of interest starting nearly every week.  The other students in the courses come from all over the world and are, for the most part, professionals, often working in related fields.

Unlike either graduate school or in-person courses, the Institute's courses are affordable - typically $499 per course.

There is nothing "massively open" about our courses

You have probably heard of "massively open online courses" -- "MOOC's."   That's not us.  We focus on the human element in the education process.  Our instructors are world-renowned experts who are available to your employees throughout each course to answer questions and lead discussions.  Our administrators and teaching assistants pay close attention to all the students in every course -- we guide them through the registration process, check on them if they are not participating, and provide help with questions on course work and homework assignments.  We offer a level of personal service that cannot be matched by other online courses with thousands of students.

With carefully designed weekly assignments and projects, we provide direct assessment on your employees work in the course.  Are they prepared for the course at this level?  If not, we will suggest a more basic course.  Is the material too easy?  We'll suggest a more advanced course, and assist them with the transfer.

Who benefits most from courses at the Institute?  Our courses require work, and a certain degree of self-direction and motivation.  Your employees will not simply be watching lengthy video lectures.  Rather, they will be navigating course materials of various types, getting hands-on software experience, and working throughout the course to successfully complete each week's practical exercises.  Employees who are not interested in improving their skills, or who expect to be spoon-fed and entertained, are probably not good candidates for courses at the Institute. But employees who desire to keep up with the latest knowledge and skills required in their jobs, and choose the courses they know they need, are good candidates.  Your choice to offer training through the Institute of Statistics Education will yield more savvy and valuable employees, and strengthen your team.

Corporate Affiliation Program

The Institute for Statistics Education at  welcomes companies from around the world into our Corporate Affiliate Program.  This program gives companies with analytics teams of 5 or more employees  access to high quality training at reduced rates. Join the Corporate Affiliate Program and we will assign you an advisor to determine the right training courses for each employee, and  help you keep their training on track.

The initial step is for two or more employees from the same firm to take any course at the Institute in the same 6-month period, at regular rates, using the standard individual online registration at

When at least two employees have completed a course, the analytics team leader returns to this web page and applies to the Program.  As part of the application process, we will make arrangements to ensure that information about upcoming courses is distributed to team members, and team members know how to register at the Corporate Affiliate rates. can either be in touch directly with team members, or the information can flow via the team leader.

For an application to become a member of our Corporate Affiliate Program, please click here.

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