Introduction to Statistics for AP Teacher

There are summer courses that are especially suited to AP statistics teachers who need to tune up their statistical skills. They are taught by Dave Bock, co-author of Stats: Modeling the World, a leading AP statistics text.

The course text is Bock, Velleman and De Veaux, Stats: Modeling the World, with ActivStats CD. You can purchase it directly from the publisher here. This text is among the top choices for AP Statistics. (Note: If you are a statistics instructor contemplating teaching with this book, you may wish to obtain the Instructor's edition, which you can find using the above Addison Wesley link). ActivStats is an award-winning multimedia statistics tutorial. It runs on PCs and Macs.

Important: To make sure you get the right textbook bundled with the right CD, we strongly recommend that you buy them as a package directly from the publisher at the above link, rather than from Amazon or a used book market.

Please order your text in time to have it in hand by the course starting date!

Those contemplating teaching AP statistics (or any high school statistics course) will probably want to use a graphing calculator. The textbook integrates instruction in using the TI-83 family of graphing calculators and provides brief tips on using SPSS, JMP, Minitab and the TI-89 graphing calculator.

Depending on prior experience with statistics, those planning to teach AP Statistics may feel a need to put in more hours than the 15 estimated in the course description, in order to be well prepared to teach this material.

If you need a refresher on the basics, we recommend Survey of Statistics for Beginners.

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