The worldwide outlook for statistician jobs is favorable.  The US Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), estimates that, in the US alone, "individuals with a degree in statistics are likely to have opportunities in a variety of fields."  In large developing country economies like India, China and Brazil, job opportunities are likely to grow faster than overall employment, as the economy matures and dependency on data and information increases.  Many jobs not classified as "statistician" may, nonetheless, require statistical expertise as the major qualification.    Positions classified as "data mining," or various "analytics" fields (business analytics, predictive analytics, text analytics) probably exceed the number of positions classified as traditional "statisticians," but require the same skill set. Here are some recent articles:

Data on the Job Market conducts periodic surveys of jobs in statistics and analytics.  These data, collected from job postings on the internet, are available here in comma-delminted text form for review and analysis.  Each row is a job posting, each column is a skill keyword (e.g. predictive modeling, SAS, survival analysis, etc.), and each entry in the matrix is a 0 or 1, indicating whether the job in that row requires the skill in that column.

Data from May, 2012 are available below.  This is a new service, and these data are a prototype; comments and analyses are welcome.  Note that these data are useful for analyzing the state of the analytics job market, not for individual job searches. Please see the meta file for contact info and documentation.

Data file

Meta file (documentation)


David Smith from Revolution Analytics writes that the number of jobs calling for R are rapidly increasing, while SAS jobs have been on the decline for a couple of years now.  He used's jobtrends tool to search for jobs requiring R modeling and SAS modeling.

Job Trends


Using, a search was conducted for jobs in two main categories:  Data science/analytics and computer languages and software packages.  The results were as follows:


Placement Services

For candidates in the Programs in Analytics and Statistical Studies (PASS), placement services are available.

We are in touch with a number of recruiters, both officials at firms seeking candidates for specific positions at that company, and professional recruiters who seek to build up a long-term relationships with professional statisticians, throughout their career.

As a PASS candidate, once you have taken at least half your program courses, you are eligible for our personalized placement services.  We will review your background, your interests, and your work at the Institute, and try to find a match with appropriate recruiters.  Our specialty is early-to-mid-career placement (not entry level).

Job Boards

We have selected key specialized job placement boards in statistics.  These listings are open to anyone to review.

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