Week #40 – Two-Tailed Test

A two-tailed test is a hypothesis test in which the null hypothesis is rejected if the observed sample statistic is more extreme than the critical value in either direction (higher than the positive critical value or lower than the negative critical value). A two-tailed test…

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Week #39 – Split-Halves Method

In psychometric surveys, the split-halves method is used to measure the internal consistency reliability of survey instruments, e.g. psychological tests. The idea is to split the items (questions) related to the same construct to be measured, e.d. the anxiety level, and to compare the results…

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Week #38 – Life Tables

In survival analysis, life tables summarize lifetime data or, generally speaking, time-to-event data. Rows in a life table usually correspond to time intervals, columns to the following categories: (i) not "failed", (ii) "failed", (iii) censored (withdrawn), and the sum of the three called "the number…

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