Sept 10: Statistics in Practice

This week we look at the second most popular percentage in statistics: 80%. Our course spotlight is on: Oct 30 –Nov 27: Sample Size and Power Determination See you in class! Peter Bruce Founder, Author, and Senior Scientist The Popular 80% Researchers and analysts are…

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Type III Error

Type I error in statistical analysis is incorrectly rejecting the null hypothesis - being fooled by random chance into thinking something interesting is happening.  The arcane machinery of statistical inference - significance testing and confidence intervals - was erected to avoid Type I error.  Type II error…

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The Popular 80%

Researchers and analysts are familiar with the famous 5% benchmark in statistics, the typical probability threshold at which a result becomes statistically significant.  (The probability in question is the probability that a result as interesting as the real-life result will happen in the null model.) …

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