Record of Course Completion and CEUs

Individual Records of Course Completion: will issue a "record of course completion" to those successfully completing a course. In practice, this means participating by posting questions and obtaining marks of 50% or more on the assignments. CEU's are granted in accord with the length of the course -- a 4-week course at 5 CEU's and a 3-week course at 3.75 CEU's (CEU's are defined in accordance with the citation of the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training. At the Institute, CEU's are awarded on the basis of 1 CEU per 12 hours of student class work time.) Note: colleges may or may not accept CEU's; see our program for academic credit.

How to obtain a Record of Completion. When the TA has completed marking all assignments for the course, an announcement will be posted, alerting class that marking is complete and Records of Completion are available for those who have earned them.  To get your copy, first complete and submit the course evaluation form, then click on the icon "Record of Completion," which will be posted in the fourth week of the course, beneath the Course Evaluation form.

Official recognition. The Institute is certified by the State Council of Higher Education in Virginia, and offers professional development credit (CEU's) for nearly all courses.  In addition, the American Council on Education has approved key foundational courses for academic credit recommendation.

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