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Frequently asked questions:

1. How do I register for Statistics 1 and 2 (at no charge) to refresh my stats knowledge?

  • Once you have paid for the certificate (selecting prepayment in full, installment or pay-as-you-go as noted above) we will send you instructions to register for these two courses.

2. How many courses are included if I pay the entire amount upfront?

  • The full certificate program consists of 10 courses (if you include the free Stats 1 & 2 courses, then the total is 12.)

3. If I make the payment but decide to cancel after a few courses would you refund me the balance?

  • Yes we will – the transfer and withdrawal policies are here.

4. Can I change to a different certificate program once I start in one?

  • Yes, just email the Registrar at ourcourses@statistics.com and tell us your reasons for the switch.

5. How quickly do I need to sign up for courses after I make payment?

  • You should plan to start right away – there are courses beginning every month. We are happy to help you map out your learning. We expect certificate candidates to register for at least one course every three months.  Here’s the Course Calendar.

6. I haven’t received any emails?

  • Your providers do the best they can to keep spam out, but sometimes the systems they use mistakenly catch good mail along with it.

So we ask that you add us to your trusted list of senders, contacts or address book.  If you do not see an email from ourcourses@statistics.co, in your Inbox,  please check your spam folder and select “not spam”.

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