About Statistics.com LLC

Statistics.com, LLC was founded as a private company in 2002.  Its main operating arm is the Institute for Statistics Education, an online institute offering certificate programs and individual courses in statistics and analytics.  Statistics.com also has a small statistical software development and sales operation.


Management Team

Peter Bruce

President and Founder.  Prior to founding Statistics.com, Peter was the developer of Resampling Stats software, and helped bring to market the data mining program XLMIner, now owned by Frontline Systems.  Previously, Peter also worked as Marketing Manager at Cytel Software Corp., and for the U.S. Foreign Service.  He holds degrees from Princeton, Harvard, and the University of Maryland.

Valerie Troiano

Chief Operating Officer.  Valerie's experience with statistics began with Resampling Stats, Inc., a predecessor firm, in 1994.  Previously she directed sales and marketing teams for a hotel company and a contract furniture firm.  She holds a degree from Northwestern University.

Janet Dobbins

Vice President, Marketing.  Janet manages advertising, outreach, and participation at professional conferences and trade shows.  In addition, she oversees web updates and manages a staff of contract programmers for web development.  Previously she worked as Account Manager for Xerox Corporation and Business Deveopment Account Manager for Xerox Business Services.  She holds a degree from the University of Virginia.


Statistics.com, LLC is headquartered in Arlington, VA, USA.  Instructors are located throughout the world.  Teaching assistant services are provided in partnership with the Center for e-Learning and Training in Pune, India.

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