Dr. Adil Yalcin

Adil Yalcin is the founder and CEO of Keshif. His work is at the intersection of analytics, design, engineering, and business development. He completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Maryland as a member of the Human-Computer Interaction Lab. In his research, he created the basis of Keshif as the next-generation data exploration platform. His passion is providing refined, effective, principled solutions that lower barriers of complex tools and complex processes, i.e. solutions that are “as simple as possible, but not simpler”. His academic work in data visualization and analysis has been published and cited in various books, proceedings, and academic journals.


Phd. Computer Science, University of Maryland, 2016
M.Sc. Computer Engineering, Bilkent Univeristy, Ankara Turkey, 2010
B. Sc. Computer Engineering, Middle East Technical University, Ankara Turkey, 2008

Areas of Expertise:

Data Visualization and Analysis


Keshif: Rapid and Expressive Tabular Data Exploration for Novices
M. Adil Yalçın & Niklas Elmqvist & Benjamin B. Bederson
TVCG - Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (2017),

Raising the Bars: Evaluating Treemaps vs. Wrapped Bars for Dense Visualization of Sorted Numeric Data
M. Adil Yalçın & Niklas Elmqvist & Benjamin B. Bederson
GI - Graphics Interface (2017),

Information Visualization
M. Adil Yalçın & Catherine Plaisant
Big Data and Social Sciences - CRC Publishing (2016),

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Interactive Data Visualization

Instructor at Statistics.com since July 2018


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