For University Professors and Administrators

Often students in a traditionally university graduate program want to study a particular topic that is not readily available in their program.  Or they may want to arrange an independent study project that has, as an essential component, mastering a particular technique.  Program directors and professors will often refer students to in such cases.

With over 100 courses, we often have just what the student needs.  The courses are taught by leading experts (often the author of a text on the subject), and are completely online, so they can be taken from anywhere.  Most courses last 4 weeks and involve direct interaction with the instructor throughout the period via a private discussion forum.  It is not necessary to be online at particular times of day.  All courses involve practical exercises and projects that are graded (with individual feedback), and students successfully completing a course earn a record of completion.  Click here for a course tour.

Some professors simply advise students to take a particular course(s) then present the record of completion in return for credit at that home institution.

It is also possible to arrange with, to have one or more of our courses offered as part of your own graduate program.  Please email Peter Bruce at for details.

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