Special Rupee Pricing for Residents of India - fees range from Rs. 11,700/ to Rs. 24,500/

Learn with Statistics.com, the leading provider of professional development courses in statistics and analytics. Online programs give you regular access to leading experts with courses that fit your schedule. Statistics.com LLC accepts registration from residents of India at special prices in Indian Rupees through our partner, Concourse in Pune.

Learn topics in

  • Data Science

  • Research & Methods

  • Introductory Statistics

Residents of India can pay directly in Rupees through Concourse.
The fees for Indian residents range from Rs. 11,700/ to Rs. 24,500/.

Registration Process:

  • Review the course information at Statistics.com to determine which course(s) or "Introductory Statistics Course Package" you wish to take.

  • Order required book or software in time to receive it prior to the start of the course.

  • Click here for details of course fees in INR.

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Academic Affiliation: Reduced fees can be considered for faculty and post-graduate students at recognized universities/colleges on a case-by-case basis. Contact the Center for eLearning & Training via phone 020-6680-0300 (Pune), or email info@c-elt.com.

Withdrawal/Transfer policies, click here.

Questions? Call 020-6680-0300 (Pune) or email info@c-elt.com

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