Dr. Robert Munro

Dr. Robert MunroDr. Robert Munro is a computational linguist working at the leading edge of scalable language technologies. He is a world leader in applying machine learning, natural language processing, crowdsourcing and big data analytics to human communication.

Rob serves on the advisory boards of a number of companies and foundations that aim to bring social change, and is a regular speaker about how communication is changing in an increasingly connected world.

Rob has lived in many diverse environments, from Sierra Leone and the Amazon to London, Sydney and Silicon Valley.


BA, Linguistics, Literature, Film, University of Sydney

BSc, Computer Science, Information Systems, University of Sydney

Masters, Computational Linguistics, Stanford University

PhD, Computational Linguistics, Stanford University

Areas of Expertise:

Machine learning

Natural language processing


Big data analytics to human communication


More than 50 papers on natural language processing

Regular speaker about technology in an increasingly connected world.


Graduate Fellow at Stanford University

Website links:

Jungle Light Speed
Articles at Idibon

Sentiment Analysis

Instructor at Statistics.com since July 2014


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