"I was afraid of statistics..."

That's what one student told me, before taking the course that Julian Simon and I developed at the University of Maryland. Our course based used resampling & simulation methods (picking numbers from a hat, shuffling cards, tossing coins, etc.)to teach statistics.  After taking the course, he was surprised to find that he both understood and liked statistics. Most others shared his opinion. The resampling approach was understandable, and shed powerful light on the least-understood concepts in statistics (confidence intervals and hypothesis tests).

At Statistics.com, we have applied these same methods online to our Introductory Statistics for Credit course. Using the resampling approach, you'll cut through the fog and be able to understand exactly what significance tests, p-values, confidence intervals and other difficult concepts are all about. You will experience the new role of computers in statistics - not just to feed in data and get some output, but also to implement algorithms (sets of sequential steps) that you devise to fit the needs of a given problem. You'll also understand where statistics fits in the new field of Data Science.

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Peter Bruce

Founder and President
The Institute for Statistics Education

Introductory Statistics - Online Course for Credit $599

This course is the equivalent of a semester course in introductory statistics.  Credit is available via the American Council on Education's Credit Recommendation Service (ACE).

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