The market for data science and analytics professionals is growing rapidly, comprised of several strands:

  • Major internet companies built on data (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Startups seeking to build data-oriented products and services
  • Established traditional companies with extensive customer data
  • Government and quasi-government organizations with a public "open-data" mission

There are a variety of job titles and functions in this area; some require significant programming skill (to code the web-based data products and services), others more on the analytics side (product R&D, prototyping, project management, sales, etc.).  

Here are some recent articles:

Data on the Job Market

Check out's jobtrends tool to see what tools are in demand, and what the trends are.  Here's a search for jobs requiring R modeling and SAS modeling.


Here are the results of a search for jobs in two main categories:  Data science/analytics and computer languages and software packages.  The results were as follows:




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