Predictive Analytics and Data Mining: The Software-Makers — Invited Panel

Wed, 8/1/2012, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM     HQ-Sapphire D

Section on Statistical Learning and Data Mining , International Indian Statistical Association

Organizer(s): Peter C Bruce, Statistics.com

Moderator: Dean Abbott, Abbott Analytics


  • Daniel Fylstra, Frontline Systems
  • Thomas Hill, StatSoft
  • Ralf Klinkenberg, Rapid-I
  • Jon Peck, IBM-SPSS
  • David Smith, Revolution Analytics
  • Dan Steinberg, Salford Systems
  • Wayne Thompson, SAS Institute


3:45 PM     Floor Discussion

Abstract:     Predictive Analytics and Data Mining: The Software Makers   

Senior executives of major predictive analytics and data mining software firms come together for a panel discussion. Data miners and analysts can hear firsthand the perspectives of the founders, CEO's, and other senior executives at Frontline Systems, Revolution Analytics (R), Rapid-I, Salford Systems, SAS, StatSoft. "Big data" is a rapidly evolving field - so what are these key decision-makers hearing from customers? What are their own plans? Where do they think predictive analytics is headed? What will surprise us? The format will be a dynamic panel-style question/answer session, moderated by industry specialist Dean Abbott (noted for his vendor-neutral workshops on data mining). Audience questions are accepted in advance (email the organizer, peter.bruce@statistics.com) and will be worked into the program.

From ASA online program, 6/22/12

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