is Not a MOOC

Why take courses from the Institute for Statistics Education at when cheap MOOC's (Massiv Open Online Courses) are available? 

As one student put it, "The subject matter here is too important to me to mess around with something like that."  At

Instructors are leading world authorities (like MOOCs)

Classes are small (unlike MOOC's)

The instructor is on hand to answer your particular question, as well as your followup question (unlike MOOC's)

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC's) with tens of thousands of students have some benefits, no doubt:  they're free (at least for now), and they offer educators huge laboratories for the learning process.  But while this technology might accomplish much, it can't substitute for direct interaction with a real expert.  People differ greatly in their learning processes, and having the instructor on hand to answer your particular question, as well as your followup question, is invaluable.

Courses at the Institute offer challenging and practical homework requiring the use of statistical software, not just multiple choice questions.  You get individualized feedback from teaching assistants who have graded hundreds of similar projects and know what to look for and how to help.  At any point, you can ask the instructor for more expert guidance on the course concepts, or on how to work with the software -- several of our instructors have been deeply involved in the development of software routines, core capabilities, or entire software products.

At the Institute, we've worked hard to boil down the learning process to its most essential elements so that you're not paying for peripheral bells and whistles.  Direct personal interaction between you and your instructor remains at the heart of our courses.


Testimonials from students at The Institute:

Two words: truly enjoyed! Exploring a totally new area in data analysis (for me) was challenging, yet exciting. I found the discussion board and instructor's comments to be very helpful. Comments provided for each practical assignment were also helpful. I truly appreciate the time and effort someone took to do that... would I take another class? Absolutely.
-O. Dennon, Fleishman-Hillard.

I thought that it was an excellent course.  The instructor was very responsive to posted questions and comments and gave helpful feedback. The assignments focused on actual business data and provided very realistic forecasting exercises.
-P. Varisco, New York Life Insurance Company

I really appreciated the instructors' contributions to the discussion; their support, patience and feedback.
- C. Engel, Stanford University


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