Python Courses

Python and R are the two main statistical and machine learning programming environments.  Python was first released in 1991 as a general purpose language; unlike R it was not targeted specifically at statistics and machine learning.  It was rapidly embraced by the machine learning and artificial intelligence community in the "big data" era, and is now overtaking R in popularity in some surveys of users.  Between R and Python, R has a richer set of statistical and machine learning modeling packages and is often preferred for the development and prototyping of models, while Python is often preferred its data handling and performance capabilities.


Basic programming in Python for novices:

Python Programming Introduction 


Already somewhat familiar with programming?  Start with:

Python for Analytics


Once you're familiar with Python, use it to master predictive analytics:

Predictive Analytics 1 - Machine Learning Tools

Predictive Analytics 2 - Neural Nets and Regression

Predictive Analytics 3 - Dimension Reduction, Clustering and Association Rules



Move beyond predictive analytics to text analytics:

Text Mining

Natural Language Processing with NLTK (Python's Natural Language Toolkit)


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