Dr. Tal Galili

Mr. Tal GaliliDr. Tal Galili is a lecturer for statistics courses at Tel Aviv University, completing his PhD in statistics there.  He writes the blog R-Statistics, which is a collection basket for his ongoing exploration of R, Statistics, data, WordPress, blogging and open-source. R-statistics.com is a proud member of the R-bloggers.com website, which is a central hub (aggregator) of content collected from bloggers who write about R. The site helps R bloggers and users to connect and follow the “R blogosphere."


PhD in statistics, Tel Aviv University

MA in statistics (specialty in biostatistics),Tel Aviv University

BA in statistics and General Humanities, Tel Aviv University


Package ‘installr’T Galili, B Rowlingson, B Hejblum, F Schonbrodt, G Grothendieck, ... 2017;

Splitting matters: how monotone transformation of predictor variables may improve the predictions of decision tree modelsT Galili, I MeilijsonarXiv preprint arXiv:1611.04561  2016;

Identifying the ligated amino acid of archaeal tRNAs based on positions outside the anticodonT Galili, H Gingold, S Shaul, Y BenjaminiRNA 22 (10), 1477-1491  2016;

Package ‘dendextend’T Galili, G Simpson, G Jefferis  2016;

dendextend:  an R package for visualizing, adjusting and comparing trees of hierarchical clusteringT GaliliBioinformatics, btv428  2015;

Impaired social processing in autism and its reflections in memory: A deeper view of encoding and retrieval processesRS Brezis, T Galili, T Wong, JI PiggotJournal of autism and developmental disorders 44 (5), 1183-1192  2014;

Categorize, cluster, and classify: a 3-c strategy for scientific discovery in the medical informatics platform of the human brain projectT Galili, A Mitelpunkt, N Shachar, M Marcus-Kalish, Y BenjaminiInternational Conference on Discovery Science, 73-86  2014

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