Rasch Applications, Part 2: Clinical Assessment, Survey Research, and Educational Measurement

Rasch Applications, Part 2: Clinical Assessment, Survey Research, and Educational Measurement

taught by William Fisher, Jr.

Aim of Course:

Rasch measurement focuses on the calibration of instruments providing linear measures from scored observations, such as responses to multiple-choice educational examinations, survey Likert scales and clinically assigned assessments. This online course, "Rasch Applications, Part 2: Clinical Assessment, Survey Research, and Educational Measurement" covers the practical aspects of construct conceptualization, theory development, and instrument or item bank design, pilot testing, and calibration, relative to the different demands of four primary reasons for measuring (screening, diagnosis, research, accountability). The overarching value of equating and adaptively administering instruments is addressed. Supporting theory (meaningfulness, reliability, validity) is presented conceptually. Participants are encouraged to analyze their own datasets in parallel to the course datasets. This course is intended as a practical applications follow-on to Rasch Applications, Part I: How to Construct a Rasch Scale.

Course Program:

SESSION 1: Concepts and Operations in Rasch Measurement

  • Measurement theory
  • Measurement concepts
  • Integrating qualitative meaningfulness with quantitative rigor
  • Determining what you want to measure and why
  • The value of construct maps

SESSION 2: Rasch Instrument Design

  • A comprehensive instrument design science
  • Building reliability and precision into the instrument from the start
  • Reliability: Internal consistency or reproducible precision?
  • Annotating the construct map as the frame of reference

SESSION 3: Theory, Instrument, and Data (Using Rasch software)

  • Evidence-based, theory-driven, and instrumentally-mediated decision making
  • The role of pilot data in evaluating the instrument and improving the theory
  • The role of theory in interpreting the data and (re)writing the instrument
  • The role of the instrument in structuring the data and embodying the theory

SESSION 4: Practical Use of the Map in Navigating the Terrain: Linking, Equating, and Adaptive Administration

  • Choosing a metric
  • Anchoring the calibrations
  • Self-scoring forms
  • Interpreting the measures in practice
  • Collective cognition and the progress of science


Homework in this course consists of collaborative analysis projects in which you review the work of other students.

In addition to assigned readings, this course also has supplemental readings available online, and an end of course data modeling project.

Rasch Applications, Part 2: Clinical Assessment, Survey Research, and Educational Measurement

Who Should Take This Course:
Survey researchers and social scientists who use surveys, questionnaires, or tests in their work, education assessment analysts and managers.
Rasch Measurement - Core Concepts  or the equivalent familiarity with Rasch measurement concepts and ability to use Rasch measurement software.
Organization of the Course:
Options for Credit and Recognition:
Course Text:
All necessary study material is provided online by the instructor. Helpful additional study material can be found in the book Applying the Rasch Model, 2nd edition (Bond & Fox, 2007, Taylor & Francis/Lawrence Erlbaum Associates).
You will need to be able to do analysis in Rasch software of your choosing. You may also need to be able to import your Rasch measurement results into statistical software to analyze or graph measures, errors, or fit statistics by groups. Free and paid Rasch software is listed at www.rasch.org/software.htm


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Rasch Applications, Part 2: Clinical Assessment, Survey Research, and Educational Measurement


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