SPSS Decision Trees

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SPSS Decision Trees helps better identify groups, discover relationships between them and predict future events. This module features highly visual classification and decision trees that enable to present categorical results in an intuitive manner. It includes four tree-growing algorithms, giving the ability to try different types and find the one that best fits your data.
The four tree-growing algorithms include:
  • CHAID—a fast, statistical, multi-way tree algorithm that explores data quickly and efficiently, and builds segments and profiles with respect to the desired outcome.
  • Exhaustive CHAID—a modification of CHAID, which examines all possible splits for each predictor.
  • Classification and regression trees (C&RT)—a complete binary tree algorithm that partitions data and produces accurate homogeneous subsets.
  • QUEST—a statistical algorithm that selects variables without bias and builds accurate binary trees quickly and efficiently.
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