The Institute offers specializations in topics in several areas of focus. Successfully complete three of the courses listed for any specialization and you'll earn a Record of Specialization from the Institute for Statistics Education at Statistics.com. These are all standard Statistics.com courses - small classes, regular interaction with your instructor throughout the course, rapid expert feedback on your homework and projects.  You can register for the courses individually, and even incorporate courses that you have recently successfully completed.  To receive your record of specialization there is a recording fee of $65.  


1.  Rasch and Item Response Theory (IRT)  

Statistical methods for calibration and equating of test instruments.  

2.  Text Mining and Analytics

Text mining and natural language processing.  Requires Python and some familiarity with Bayesian statistics.  

3.  Bayesian Statistics


4.  Optimization

Linear programming, nonlinear programming, network flow, decision analysis, queuing, simulation.  

5.  R Programming

The four courses below cover R programming all the way from the basics to advanced programming techniques.  If you are completely new to programming, start at R Programming Introduction 1 and continue through R Programming Intermediate to earn your specialization; if you are already somewhat familiar with programming you should probably start with R Programming Introduction 2, and continue through the advanced course.  Note that becoming an accomplished programmer requires some practice and you will need to build in some time for regular R use on the job or elsewhere between R Programming Introduction 2 and R Programming Intermediate. 

6.  Survey Analytics

Designing surveys or analyzing survey data? 

7. Predictive Analytics

This program was created by the authors of Data Mining for Business Analytics and is taught by them. Choose your tool of choice: R, Python, or Analytic Solver Data Mining (an Excel-addin, previously XLMiner).
  • Predictive Analytics 1: Machine Learning Tools
  • Predictive Analytics 2: Neural Nets and Regression
  • Predictive Analytics 3: Dimension Reduction, Clustering and Association Rules


If you have previously taken and passed three courses in any of these specializations, you may request a Record of Specialization retroactively. Simply pay the recording fee here, and we will verify and send you the specialization.

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