Better Understanding of DOE and How to Use It

I have used DOE in my work for many years. Although this course was designed for beginners, it will enable me to increase my use of DOE and have a better understanding of how it works and how to use it to the best advantage.

Program Helped Adopt Similar Language in DOE

[Design of experiments]... will help in designing and analyzing studies. Also having a big team trained at the same time will help to adopt the "same language" in DOE within the team.

DOE Helped Me to Save a Considerable Amount of Time

[Understanding the design of experiments]... will help me to save a considerable amount of time to design and analyze the results of experiments. Matching the right experimental method to the problem should increase accuracy while reducing the number of required experimental runs.

Turning Data into Meaningful Insights

The healthcare industry is extremely data-rich due to electronic medical records which allow for the opportunity to find insight into large data sets. Brushing up on my stats knowledge as well as diving into predictive modeling will allow me to turn data into meaningful insights…

Enhanced my Ability to Conduct Experiments

This course (Introduction to Design of Experiments) will enhance my ability to efficiently conduct experiments and discern relevant and non-relevant factors. As a researcher in R&D, design of experiments is a considerable portion of my job.

This Course Was Superior

This course was far superior. With all the practice examples, software/macro walkthroughs, and textbook material delivery, I think I am equipped enough to implement what I learned into my research projects.

Course Taught Me DOE is a Stronger Tool

This course (Introduction to Design of Experiments) taught me that DOE is a much stronger tool than I anticipated. While I've used DOE software in the past, I never understood the calculations behind the design settings. Now that I have a better grasp of what…