Cluster Analysis (1)

I was quite surprised and impressed with the depth of theory development in this area, plus the software options to allow optimum exploration of the data. Thanks for a most interesting course.

Cluster Analysis (2)

Professor Babinec did a wonderful job of leading us through this material.  It is obvious that he has a passion for this subject.  His breadth of knowledge of and experience with cluster analysis added significantly to the course.  He gave very helpful answers in the…

Customer Analytics in R (1)

I really enjoyed the format of the course. Wasn't by the book and you could carve your own path out. Really enjoyed working with a real life database and scenarios. Gave me great examples for my job.

Customer Analytics in R (2)

This course provided a realistic approach to the analysis of customer data. The steps involved in the preparation of the data prior to analysisunderscored the need for a solid understanding of the business problem to besolved and the programming skills required. The R code provided…

Discrete Choice Modeling and Conjoint Analysis

I feel this class gave me a much better understanding of how to design experiments and enhanced my statistical vocabulary. One thing I liked about Mr. Babinec's approach was that his written explanations were precise. Once I read and comprehended them, they really helped break…