John Mee

The practical nature of the Analytics for Data Science certificate program has allowed me to have meaningful conversations with the company’s analytics community to deliver real business value.

Predictive Analytics 1

The dimension reduction and classification techniques taught in this program are helping me enormously in my work at the Bank. 

Persuasion Analytics and Targeting (1)

It was perfect, much recommended to anybody wanting to understand the dynamics behind political microtargeting and how it can be applied to business. Many theoretical aspects that were known in the past have been empirically implemented with wonderful exercises of Mr. Ken Strasma.

Persuasion Analytics and Targeting (2)

The courses have helped me a lot, pushing me to the limit and making me learn much more than I expected I could. The knowledge I gained I could immediately leverage in my job and eventually led to landing a job in my dream…

Forecasting Analytics (2)

The TA was really helpful and very responsive to questions. Overall the course was a great experience.

Forecasting Analytics (4)

Considering all of the material that needed to be covered, I thought the course was well written and thought provoking.

Forecasting Analytics (5)

I can't recommend this class highly enough. Professor Shmueli is an excellent teacher and has written a very clear and practical book.  The professor provided good feedback to questions and introduced a wide range of fascinating supplemental information to the course for individuals who want…

Turning Data into Meaningful Insights

The healthcare industry is extremely data-rich due to electronic medical records which allow for the opportunity to find insight into large data sets. Brushing up on my stats knowledge as well as diving into predictive modeling will allow me to turn data into meaningful insights…

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