Visualization in R with ggplot2 (3)

Dr. Pruim was an outstanding instructor, extremely knowledgeable, respectful and prompt.  This course has given me a strong foundation for continued learning

Visualization in R with ggplot2 (1)

This course has been a life/work changer for me. Within 2 weeks of taking this class, I was able to produce far more informative plots than I ever had before. I'm inspired to take more classes and learn as much as I can about this wonderful…

Visualization in R with ggplot2 (2)

I was very impressed with how well Randall Pruim interacted with the class through the discussion forum.  I also was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly all the logistical "on-line" issues went.  I have already signed up for another course

R Programming – Introduction Part 2 (4)

I found this course to be very helpful. It wasn't like other courses where you just run example code and change a few things here and there.  I learned a lot and have even applied what I've learned in this course to the other course I'm enrolled in currently.…

R Programming – Intermediate (1)

This course is an excellent follow up to the R basic course. A lot of new and helpful material was added and contributed to a more advanced understanding of R programming

R Programming – Intermediate (2)

Great explanations provided by the course instructor in the videos and on the discussion board. The teacher assistant was very diligent and professional in reaching out to me and giving me every opportunity to be successful in this course. Definitely a wonderful experience!

R Programming – Intermediate (3)

I have a much better understanding of the *apply functions, as well as using aggregate and xtabs to replicate pivot tables in Excel.  This will be very helpful for the type of data analysis work I do

R Programming – Introduction Part 1 (3)

This course was extremely helpful in facilitating my understanding of programming in R fundamentals.  I feel confident moving forward onto the next section of R programming

R Programming – Introduction Part 1 (2)

This was a great introduction to Programming in R. I feel like I have some basic concepts down and I am looking forward to taking more courses to keep developing my skills in this programming language. I can definitely see the potential for data analysis…

R Programming – Introduction Part 1 (8)

I am working for Scotiabank/International Banking-Marketing (Toronto-Canada). Since we are manipulating tons of data at the customer level for more than 27 countries, R would be the perfect complement tool (we have been using SAS) for customer analytics. I am new on this R world…

R Programming – Introduction Part 2 (1)

The course, Introduction to R Programming Part Two, taught by Joris Meys was EXCELLENT! All of the course materials were extremely helpful in allowing me not only to understand the details of R programming but also to gain a solid perspective on the fundamentals of…

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