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The boom in jobs for data scientists continues.  Glassdoor has rated data scientist as the top job two years in a row.  IBM estimates the demand will grow 28% by 2020, while the machine learning & AI market (including software) will grow 10-fold. To get the analytics and data science skills you need, you have a dizzying array of options - over 175 Masters degree programs in the US alone. Add undergraduate and certificate programs, MOOC's and bootcamps, and making the right choice is a daunting prospect.

Before you commit to spending $25,000 or more on a graduate program check out how the advanced certificate programs from Statistics.com stack up against other options --

University masters: Statistics.com's online certificate program, PASS, offers roughly the same content as a good university graduate program (10 courses rated at 3 credits each by the American Council on Education, ACE). Statistics.com is much more affordable - $5000, versus $25,000 or more (e.g. $47,000 at Northwestern, $50,000 at Rutgers...).  And beware of college and university "data science" programs that are just recycled traditional statistics and computer science courses.

Certificate at university: A university certificate program offers less than half the content of Statistics.com's PASS certificate at triple the per-course price (or more). Compare our $175 cost per credit hour to the $500 - $1500 price tag at most universities.

Bootcamp: Bootcamps vary in their approach, and are mostly for coding, and typically have mentors or instructors with relatively limited credentials. Statistics.com instructors are noted experts with many publications and books to their credit. Bootcamps do not offer academic credit (Statistics.com does, via ACE), and are more costly than Statistics.com ($10,000+).

MOOC: Massive, open online courses like Coursera enroll thousands of people in courses- you're on your own, and many students do not finish. At Statistics.com, your instructor is available to answer your questions throughout the course, and you'll get feedback on your projects from experts. Academic credit is available for Statistics.com courses (not so for most MOOC's).

The bottom line: Considering both quality and value, there's no better choice than the Programs in Analytics and Statistical Science from the Institute for Statistics Education at Statistics.com (for $5,000 prepaid or $290/month for 18 months).  Join current students and graduates, working at companies like Ford, Cisco, Accenture, Amazon, Pepsi, Oracle, Cognizant, Chubb, U.S. Navy, KPMG, Mutual of Omaha, Home Depot, American Airlines, IBM, and many more.

Apply online - we've waived the application fee. You can begin your PASS certificate right now - with rolling admission and introductory classes offered every month, you can start your program when you want.

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