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Year 2014

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October 2014

03FridayMissing Data(4 weeks)
Regression Analysis(4 weeks)
R for Statistical Analysis(4 weeks)
Statistics 1 - Probability and Study Design(4 weeks)
Introductory Statistics for Credit(10 weeks)
10FridayStatistics 2 – Inference and Association(4 weeks)
Analysis of Survey Data from Complex Sample Designs(4 weeks)
Graphics in R(4 weeks)
Calculus Review(3 weeks)
Introduction to SAS Programming for Analytics(4 weeks)
17FridayPractical Rasch Measurement - Core Topics(4 weeks)
Predictive Analytics 3: Dimension Reduction, Clustering and Association Rules(4 weeks)
Data Mining - R(4 weeks)
24FridaySafety Monitoring Committees in Clinical Trials(4 weeks)
Bayesian Regression Modeling via MCMC Techniques(4 weeks)
Predictive Analytics 1 - Machine Learning Tools(4 weeks)
31FridayCluster Analysis(4 weeks)
Modeling Count Data(4 weeks)
Introduction to Analytics using Hadoop(4 weeks)
Spatial Statistics with Geographic Information Systems(4 weeks)
Rasch Applications, Part 2: Clinical Assessment, Survey Research, and Educational Measurement(4 weeks)
Interactive Data Visualization(4 weeks)

November 2014

07FridayStatistics 1 - Probability and Study Design(4 weeks)
Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling(4 weeks)
Advanced Survival Analysis(4 weeks)
Introductory Statistics for Credit(10 weeks)
R Programming - Introduction 1(4 weeks)
14FridayStatistics 3 – ANOVA and Regression(3 weeks)
Epidemiologic Statistics(5 weeks)
Matrix Algebra Review(4 weeks)
Statistics 2 – Inference and Association(4 weeks)
21FridayRisk Simulation and Queuing(4 weeks)
Introduction to Bayesian Hierarchical and Multi-level Models(4 weeks)
Survey of Statistics for Beginners(3 weeks)
Sample Size and Power Determination(4 weeks)
28FridayMeta Analysis(4 weeks)
Maximum Likelihood Estimation(2 weeks)
Predictive Analytics 2 - Neural Nets and Regression(4 weeks)

December 2014

05FridayStatistics 1 - Probability and Study Design(5 weeks)
Introductory Statistics for Credit(9 weeks)
12FridayStatistics 2 – Inference and Association(5 weeks)
Introduction to Statistical Issues in Clinical Trials(5 weeks)
Spatial Analysis Techniques in R(4 weeks)

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