Personality regions

There are Red States and Blue States. The three blue states of the Pacific coast constitute the Left Coast. For Colin Woodward, Yankeedom comprises both New England and the Great Lakes. If you're into accessories, there's the Bible Belt, the Rust Belt, and the Stroke…

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Week #49 – Data partitioning

Data partitioning in data mining is the division of the whole data available into two or three non-overlapping sets: the training set (used to fit the model), the validation set (used to compared models), and the test set (used to predict performance on new data).

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Week #46 – Cluster Analysis

In multivariate analysis, cluster analysis refers to methods used to divide up objects into similar groups, or, more precisely, groups whose members are all close to one another on various dimensions being measured.

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Week #45 – Construct validity

In psychology, a construct is a phenomenon or a variable in a model that is not directly observable or measurable  - intelligence is a classic example.

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