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Get More Out Of Your Data.

Maximize Your Team’s Potential

Personalized Learning.

Immediately Applicable.

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Applied Learning

Sharpen skills with projects relevant to current business challenges.

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Mentored Progress

Personalized guidance from expert practitioners solidifies learning.

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Customized Content

Courses, uses cases, and data sets are tailored for you organization.

Our training programs are crafted to sustainably solve the real-world problems that your business faces. The result? A team equipped with the in-demand capabilities that can applied to their role on day one and your business realizing more value from your data.

Data Training Designed For Your Business

  1. Define Goals:

    First we identify and prioritize of your business and organizational objectives. We believe that any efforts in learning should directly result in progress toward these objectives.
  2. Establish Progress Metrics:

    Let’s be clear on how we’ll know when we’re succeeding. Beyond number of participants, there are metrics we can measure like speed, cost, and quality.
  3. Prioritize Learning Outcomes:

    We’ll prioritize your learning outcomes which may include new topics, capabilities or processes that are mission-critical. In this phase, we begin developing exercises where learning can be applied immediately, advancing your organization.
  4. Customize Delivery:

    We adapt our delivery to your needs, optimizing the learning experience for you. We will customize aspects such as live/in-person/pre-recorded instruction, asynchronous schedules, course material, applied projects, and learning platforms.
  5. Real-Time Adjustments:

    We put a dedicated team behind every program we deliver to ensure a great experience. Whether the program is fully customized or a pre-built program for a private cohort, we have the ability to adjust to the needs of the learners in real-time.

Give Your Business The Analytical Edge It Needs To Grow

Return on Training Investment

Enable Your Team to Solve Smarter With Data-Driven Skills

We equip your team to tackle the challenges specific to your organization. Some of the most common topics include:

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Are courses customized?

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  • Are group courses open to the public?

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