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Dr. David G. Kleinbaum

Dr. David G. Kleinbaum

Instructor Since

December 2004


  • Author, Epidemiologic Research- Principles and Quantitative Methods (Wiley, 1982)
  • Author, Applied Regression Analysis and Other Multivariable Methods, 4th Edition (Cengage, 2007)
  • Author, Logistic Regression- A Self-Learning Text, 2nd edition (Springer, 2010)
  • Author, Survival Analysis- A Self Learning Text, 3rd edition (Springer, 2011)
  • Author, ActivEpi and its accompanying ActivEpi Companion Text (Springer, 2003)


  • AB Mathematics, Hamilton College, New York
  • AM Mathematics, University of Rochester, New York
  • PhD. Mathematical Statistics, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.