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Dr. Stephanie Kovalchik

Dr. Stephanie Kovalchik

Instructor Since

July 2016


  • Author, "Is there a Pythagorean theorem for winning in tennis?" Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sport. (In press)
  •  Author, "The older they rise the younger they fall: age and performance trends in men’s professional tennis from 1991 to 2012." Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports10(2), 99-107. (2014)
  •  Co-author, "Population-based absolute risk estimation with survey data." Lifetime data analysis20(2), 252-275.(2014)
  •  Co-author, "Longitudinal analyses of Olympic athletics and swimming events find no gender gap in performance improvement." Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports9(1), 15-24. (2013)
  •  Co-author, "A general binomial regression model to estimate standardized risk differences from binary response data." Statistics in Medicine32(5), 808-821. (2013)


  • BSc, Cal Tech
  • MSc, UCLA
  • PhD, UCLA