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Dr. Tal Galili

Dr. Tal Galili

Instructor Since

July 2012


  • Package ‘installr’, T Galili, B Rowlingson, B Hejblum, F Schonbrodt, G Grothendieck, ... 2017
  • Splitting matters: how monotone transformation of predictor variables may improve the predictions of decision tree models, T Galili, I Meilijson, arXiv preprint, arXiv:1611.04561  2016
  • Identifying the ligated amino acid of archaeal tRNAs based on positions outside the anticodon, T Galili, H Gingold, S Shaul, Y Benjamini, RNA 22 (10), 1477-1491  2016
  • Package ‘dendextend’, T Galili, G Simpson, G Jefferis  2016
  • dendextend:  an R package for visualizing, adjusting and comparing trees of hierarchical clustering, T Galili, Bioinformatics, btv428  2015
  • Impaired social processing in autism and its reflections in memory: A deeper view of encoding and retrieval processes, RS Brezis, T Galili, T Wong, JI Piggot, Journal of autism and developmental disorders 44 (5), 1183-1192  2014
  • Categorize, cluster, and classify: a 3-c strategy for scientific discovery in the medical informatics platform of the human brain project, T Galili, A Mitelpunkt, N Shachar, M Marcus-Kalish, Y Benjamini, International Conference on Discovery Science, 73-86  2014


  • PhD in statistics, Tel Aviv University
  • MA in statistics (specialty in biostatistics),Tel Aviv University
  • BA in statistics and General Humanities, Tel Aviv University