Mr. Peter Bruce

Mr. Peter Bruce Mr. Peter Bruceis Founder and Chief Academic Officer of The Institute for Statistics Education at He is the developer of Resampling Stats software (originated by Julian Simon in the 1970's), and has also taught resampling statistics at the University of Maryland and in a variety of short courses. He is the author of Data Mining for Business Analytics, with Galit Shmueli and Nitin R. Patel (Wiley, 3rd ed. 2016; JMP version 2017, R version 2018, Python version 2019), Introductory Statistics and Analytics (Wiley, 2015), and Statistics for Data Scientists, with Andrew Bruce, (O'Reilly 2016).  He serves on the American Statistical Association's Advisory Committee on Professional Development, and is a Series Editor for Cambridge Press.


BA Russian, Princeton

MA Russian, Harvard

MBA University of Maryland

Areas of Expertise:

Data Mining

Predictive Analytics



Data Mining for Business Analytics, with Galit Smueli and Nitin R. Patel, (Wiley, 2006, 3rd ed., 2010)

Introductory Statistics and Analytics, (Wiley, 2015)

Statistics for Data Scientists, with Andrew Bruce (O'Reilly, 2016).

Website links:

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Statistics 2 – Inference and Association
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