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How do I become a successful learner?

The course model was conceived as a cross between the “buy a book and try to master the subject on your own” approach, and the “attend a class and receive concentrated instruction for 3-4 days.” Successful students are those who take an active approach to their learning projects, are comfortable working from written materials and “learn by doing.”

There are no lectures, and much of the value of courses lies in doing the exercises, getting feedback, and interacting with your fellow students and the instructor. The ability to organize your time and effort with some discipline is also helpful. The flexibility to work at your own convenience is a great advantage; still, a regular, paced attention to the course over its duration allows sufficient turnaround time to address questions.

The instructor and your fellow students will be attending the discussion board on their own schedules, and may not be available for an immediate response. The ability to “multitask” in your learning (by proceeding on to topic B while your question about topic A is resolved) is helpful in this respect.