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This course covers the crafting of survey questions, the design of surveys, and different sampling procedures that are used in practice. Longstanding basic principles of survey design are covered, and the impact of the trend toward increased respondent resistance is discussed.

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Learning Outcomes

Students will learn how to construct an appropriate survey instrument with well-crafted closed-ended and open-ended questions. They will understand how and when surveys should be administered, how to choose a statistically correct sample, and how to evaluate response rates and common sources of survey error.


Who Should Take This Course

Anyone who needs to know how to design questionnaires or sample and survey respondents to produce usable results.

Our Instructors

Course Syllabus

Week 1

The Art and Craft of Asking Survey Questions

  • Crafting questions: the context
  • Closed-ended versus open-ended questions
  • Levels of measurement

Week 2


  • What is a well-designed survey study?
  • Experiments and observational studies
  • Different types of designs, and their benefits and concerns

Week 3


  • Populations, samples, and inclusion criteria
  • Different sampling methods-how to choose
  • Determining sample size
  • Acceptable response rate, sources of survey error

Week 4

Methods of Data Collection & The Survey Plan

  • Purpose of the survey
  • How will survey be administered?
  • Timing and resources required

Class Dates


03/15/2024 to 04/12/2024
Instructors: Mr. Anthony Babinec
08/02/2024 to 08/30/2024
Instructors: Mr. Anthony Babinec


03/14/2025 to 04/11/2025
Instructors: Mr. Anthony Babinec
08/01/2025 to 08/29/2025
Instructors: Mr. Anthony Babinec



Karolis Urbonas
Susan Kamp
Stephen McAllister
Amir Aminimanizani
Elena Rose
Leonardo Nagata
Richard Jackson

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Survey Design and Sampling Procedures

Additional Information

Course Text

The required text is Survey Research Methods, Fifth Edition by Floyd J Fowler, Jr.

Sage Publication offers discounts to students at for many of their titles when the code S06SC is used during checkout on their website (the 0 is a zero not an alphabetical O).



Supplemental Information

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Survey Design and Sampling Procedures