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Internet of Things

Boston, August 3 2014: Bill Ruh, GE Software Center, says that the Internet of Things, 30 billion machines talking to one another, will dwarf the impact of the consumer internet. Speaking at the Joint Statistical Meetings today, Ruh predicted that the marriage of the IoT and analytics will yield $1 trillion in savings or productivity improvements in industry by eliminating unplanned downtime. And Ruh is speaking of classical industry “building machines that rotate” is how he termed GE’s main business, not Silicon Valley.

Ruh also cited statistics on Data Science, which he termed the most popular job search term on Monster:

– 15 data science jobs for every data scientist

– Average total compensation $176,000 – $200,000

– California and Texas are the top states for data science employment

– The global market for intelligent vending machines is growing 50%/year

His top choices for computational environments? Hadoop and Python.