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Jan 13: Statistics in Practice

Statistics in Practice

In this Brief, we look at prosaic, but lucrative applications of predictive analytics and forecasting to the automotive industry.  Our spotlight is on our 3-course Predictive Analytics Mastery Series. Start this week with:

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Peter Bruce,
Founder and President

The Institute for Statistics Education at

Not Glamorous, But Lucrative

What do stormy days, weekend evenings, and the last day of the month have in common?  They are all good times to negotiate a good price for a new car […]

Industry Spotlight: Clinical Trials

“Complete Your Clinical Trial With Our File Data”

Clinical trials that support new drug development can cost over a billion dollars.  A new industry has popped up – data collectors and aggregators that provide digital data from their files as evidence in pharmaceutical clinical trials.

The gold standard in a clinical trial is […]

Course Spotlight

Our spotlight this week is on our Predictive Analytics Mastery Series of 3 courses (your third course is just half the regular tuition).  This Mastery Series is based on the best-selling text Data Mining for Business Analytics, whose authors designed and help teach the Mastery Series.  You will learn:

  • How to use linear and logistic regression, decision trees and random forests, k-nearest neighbors, Bayesian classifiers, neural nets and more
  • How to use holdout data to assess the accuracy of data mining models
  • How to identify customer segments using clustering
  • How to develop recommender systems using collabroative filtering and association rules

Start this week with

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