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July 22: Odds and Betting


This week we look at odds and betting; our course spotlights are

July 23 -Aug 20: SQL – Responsible Data Science
July 30 -Aug 27: SQL – Biostatistics 1 – For Medical Science and Public Health

See you in class!

Peter Bruce
Founder of The Institute for Statistics Education at


News You Need to Know

What’s happening in the field of Data Science, Analytics, Statistics?

Why Statisticians Like Odds

In your introductory statistics class, probability took center stage. Odds were for gamblers. But it turns out odds play an important role in statistics, too, because []


WORD OF THE WEEK – Incidence versus Prevalence

Epidemiological terms are top of mind now, due to the pandemic. Here are two that often confuse: incidence and prevalence



July 23 -Aug 20: Responsible Data Science

Public and corporate concern about bias and other unintended harmful effects resulting from data science models has resulted in greater attention to the ethical practice of data science. This course, for both data science practitioners and managers, provides guidance and practical tools to build better models and avoid these problems. The course offers a framework to follow in implementing data science projects, and an audit process to follow in reviewing them. Case studies along with R and Python code are provided.

July 30 -Aug 27: Biostatistics 1 – For Medical Science and Public Health

This is a non-mathematical course designed specifically for medical and health professionals who deal with medical data and want to acquire some statistical skills. It is Part 1 of a two-part course that may be taken together for college credit. This course covers basic statistical concepts of probability, confidence intervals and medical vs. statistical significance. Course participants should have access to a standard statistical software package for use in course exercises.

See you in class!