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What is the learning style at The Institute for Statistics Education​? courses have 3 main elements: (1) Weekly lessons with assigned readings (usually in a text, sometimes supplemented by additional online materials), (2) Private online discussion board for all students and the instructor, and (3) Homework assignments with feedback. On the first day, the course opens to all registered students, and begins. You participate online during the week at times convenient to you; there are no set times when you must be online.

Post your questions on each week’s discussion board, and the instructor, along with other participants, will reply with answering posts. These discussion boards are the heart of each course.

At the end of the week, the homework is due and the assignment closes,  with model answers automatically opened. The assistant teacher checks all homework submissions, and feedback is offered to students individually. If you are not able to complete an assignment before it closes, there is no need to tell the instructor, simply continue to work on the assignment, and then compare your answers to the model answers when they are revealed. At the end of the week, the next week’s readings and homework are posted, and the process repeats itself.

On the last day of the course the instructor posts a concluding message. You will continue to have access to the full course (lessons, materials, discussion boards and assignments) for an additional two more weeks, so that you may fully review it. You are welcome to keep a copy of any course materials for your own future reference.

Note that in many of our courses, the instructor is the author of the required text. Therefore, it is natural that many of our courses rely heavily on the required text and its exercises.