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Masters Programs versus an Online Certificate in Data Science from

We just attended the analytics conference of INFORMS’ (The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences) this week in Baltimore, and they held a special meeting for directors of academic analytics programs to better align what universities are producing with what industry is seeking. The number of such programs is still growing rapidly (>200), and demand for the available slots is strong. I spoke with representatives from a number of such programs.

By and large, the fees they charge range from above $20,000 to over $50,000. Certificate programs from the Institute for Statistics Education offer roughly the same scope and range of instruction (assessed at just under 30 credits by the American Council on Education), at a small fraction of the price – $5000. The courses are 4-weeks long, start throughout the year, and feature small classes where you interact with your instructor (a noted expert in the field) on a regular basis. Our online certificate Programs in Analytics and Statistical Studies (PASS) are available in four areas:


You can start at any time; you can also take a course or two first, then join. Apply at any time – there’s no fee.