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Instructor Spotlight: Cliff Ragsdale

Cliff T. Ragsdale teaches several courses for the Institute in the area of operations research, based on his best selling text “Spreadsheet Modeling and Decision Analysis.”  One of Cliff’s special talents is making his subject, which can be quite challenging technically, widely accessible. His courses do not have flashy bells and whistles, but are consistently ratedContinue reading “Instructor Spotlight: Cliff Ragsdale”

Instructor Spotlight: David Kleinbaum

David Kleinbaum developed several courses for, including Survival Analysis, Epidemiologic Statistics, and Designing Valid Statistical Studies.  David retired a little over a year ago from Emory University, where he was a popular and effective teacher with the ability to distill and explain difficult statistical concepts with clarity and concision.  David had a flair forContinue reading “Instructor Spotlight: David Kleinbaum”