Historical Spotlight – ISOQOL

25 years ago the International Society of Quality of Life Research was founded with a mission to advance the science of quality of life and related patient-centered outcomes in health research, care and policy. While focusing on quality of life (QOL) in healthcare may seem…

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Likert Scale

A "likert scale" is used in self-report rating surveys to allow users to express an opinion or assessment of something on a gradient scale.  For example, a response could range from "agree strongly" through "agree somewhat" and "disagree somewhat" on to "disagree strongly."  Two key decisions the survey designer faces are

  • How many gradients to allow, and

  • Whether to include a neutral midpoint

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Football Analytics

Preparing for the Superbowl Your team is at midfield, you have the ball, it's 4th down with 2 yards to go. Should you go for it? (Apologies in advance to our many readers, especially those outside the U.S., who are not aficionados of American football,…

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Job Spotlight: Digital Marketer

A digital marketer handles a variety of tasks in online marketing - managing online advertising and search engine optimization (SEO), implementing tracking systems (e.g. to identify how a person came to a retailer), web development, preparing creatives, implementing tests, and, of course, analytics. There are…

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Dummy Variable

A dummy variable is a binary (0/1) variable created to indicate whether a case belongs to a particular category.  Typically a dummy variable will be derived from a multi-category variable. For example, an insurance policy might be residential, commercial or automotive, and there would be three dummy variables created:

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Things are Getting Better

In the visualization below, which line do you think represents the UN's forecast for the number of children in the world in the year 2100? Hans Rosling, in his book Factfulness, presents this chart and notes that in a sample of Norwegian teachers, only 9%…

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Artificial Lawyers

Can statistical and machine learning methods replace lawyers? A host of entrepreneurs think so, and do the folks who run www.artificiallawyer.com. Text mining and predictive model products are available now to predict case staffing requirements and perform automated document discovery, and natural language algorithms conduct…

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Entity Resolution and Identifying Bad Guys

Earlier, we described how Jen Golbeck (who teaches Network Analysis at Statistics.com) analyzed Facebook connections to identify fake accounts (the account holders friends all had the same number of friends, which is highly improbable statistically). Network analysis and studying connections lie at the heart of…

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