Student Spotlight: Angelina Salinas

Meet Angelina Salinas, Data Analyst at Almacenes SIMAN Angelina Salinas started working for the retail store Almacenes Siman as a purchasing planner and, a couple of years later, got interested in data science and started to learn R. Shortly afterwards, the business intelligence group at…

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Historical Spotlight: Iris Dataset

Can you identify this wildflower, photographed in a Massachusetts field?  And also identify its significance in the history of statistics?  This is the Blue Flag Iris, also called the Veriscolor Iris, and it is one of three Iris species that make up the famous (in statistics) Iris…

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Rare Event Syndrome

Statistical Thinking 1   Several years ago, an NPR reporter wanted a comment from me for his story about an unusual event: a woman had won a state lottery jackpot for a second time. Winning once was low enough odds, but winning twice?   The reporter found…

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