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Student Spotlight: Angelina Salinas

Angelina SalinasMeet Angelina Salinas, Data Analyst at Almacenes SIMAN

Angelina Salinas started working for the retail store Almacenes Siman as a purchasing planner and, a couple of years later, got interested in data science and started to learn R. Shortly afterwards, the business intelligence group at Almacenes Siman transformed into a business analytics group and they asked her to join as a data analyst. This is where the ESEN and partnership program* fits. Angelina said:

We were already planning some analytics projects, and the predictive analytics and logistic regression have helped inform my work on a forecast project for purchasing (specifically our “open-to-buy” plan), and also to get an idea of where to offer our products. The optimization course also contributes by telling us where to invest our open-to-buy to maximize profit. The company offers its customers a credit card, so the risk simulation is also very useful.

We are currently working in a pricing project, which uses almost all the skills that the program includes, especially the visualization part which is very helpful when we present the results to the decision-makers.

*The Institute for Statistics Education at offers a special analytics and data science curriculum through a partnership with the Escuela Superior de Economía y Negocios (ESEN) in El Salvador.

Keep up the good work!