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Data Literacy – The Chainsaw Case

A famous business school case by Harvard Professor Michael Porter on forecasting chainsaw sales dramatically illustrated the limits of statistical models when common business sense and clear-eyed thinking are missing. In the chainsaw case, students were asked to forecast the future U.S. demand for chainsaws, a growing market, and assess the relative positions of differentContinue reading “Data Literacy – The Chainsaw Case”

AI Success, But Not Business Success

In their book, “Mining Your Own Business,” Jeff Deal and Gerhard Pilcher, COO and CEO of Elder Research respectively, describe what I’ll call “The Case of the Climbing Churn.” Churn is when a subscriber cancels or fails to renew a service or subscription. A successful predictive model for identifying likely churners was deployed for aContinue reading “AI Success, But Not Business Success”

Student Spotlight – Thomas Karagiorgios

He spoke with Val Woodside, our Customer Success Specialist at about his experience in the certificate program. Tell us about your experience at It was excellent. For me it was the first time that I studied through this online process. You have to study on your own and then you can send inContinue reading “Student Spotlight – Thomas Karagiorgios”

Student Spotlight: Suma Krishnaprasad

Meet Suma Krishnaprasad Data Scientist, Cleveland Clinic Suma Krishnaprasad was the first data scientist hired at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. She works to develop and deploy predictive models, and also to provide statistical design and analysis for dozens of clinical trials and other research projects. She came to the Institute for Statistics Education initially for aContinue reading “Student Spotlight: Suma Krishnaprasad”

Student Spotlight: Jessica Sproviero

Meet Jessica Sproviero,Assistant Vice President at Merrill Financial Services Jessica Sproviero has been working for several years in finance (asst. VP at Merrill Financial Services) while pursuing a degree at Thomas Edison State University (TESU).  She entered the data science portion of the program (provided by the Institute for Statistics Education) in mid-2019 and completedContinue reading “Student Spotlight: Jessica Sproviero”

Student Spotlight: Angelina Salinas

Meet Angelina Salinas, Data Analyst at Almacenes SIMAN Angelina Salinas started working for the retail store Almacenes Siman as a purchasing planner and, a couple of years later, got interested in data science and started to learn R. Shortly afterwards, the business intelligence group at Almacenes Siman transformed into a business analytics group and theyContinue reading “Student Spotlight: Angelina Salinas”

Student Spotlight: Paul Olszlyn

Meet Paul Olszlyn, Senior Data Scientist at NovoDynamics Paul Olsztyn designs and implements databases at NovoDynamics, a company that creates and deploys large scale data systems for corporations.  As his company responded to customer needs for more predictive analytics by building greater capacity in this area, Paul decided to move beyond his own IT andContinue reading “Student Spotlight: Paul Olszlyn”

Student Spotlight: Timothy Young

Meet Timothy Young, a Contract Administrator for the County of Los Angeles Timothy recently started the Data Science Analytics Bachelor’s Degree program that offers in conjunction with Thomas Edison State University (TESU) and has already been able to put his learning to work.  At his job, using skills acquired at, he has implementedContinue reading “Student Spotlight: Timothy Young”

Student Spotlight: Peter Mulready

Peter Mulready is an independent consultant, who worked previously as a system architect at Boehringer Ingelheim, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Peter got his degree in biology, but his focus shifted to managing and optimizing the use of data in drug discovery research.  Specifically, he lead the information technology team responsible for managingContinue reading “Student Spotlight: Peter Mulready”

Student Spotlight: Barry Eggleston

Barry Eggleston is a health research statistician who has worked on both clinical trials and observational studies, and is currently with RTI in North Carolina. In his early career, his work was solely designing and analyzing clinical trials using typical biostatistics methods ranging from t-test to survival analysis and mixed models. After moving to RTIContinue reading “Student Spotlight: Barry Eggleston”