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Student Spotlight: Jessica Sproviero

Jessica SprovieroMeet Jessica Sproviero,
Assistant Vice President at Merrill Financial Services

Jessica Sproviero has been working for several years in finance (asst. VP at Merrill Financial Services) while pursuing a degree at Thomas Edison State University (TESU).  She entered the data science portion of the program (provided by the Institute for Statistics Education) in mid-2019 and completed most of the core requirements within a year (most recently SQL).

I chose the program because it allows me to pick up skills that I have been able to immediately use in my field… I was thrilled with this course because SQL is such a great skill to have. I was not disappointed. The instructor was great and Nikita, the TA, was really helpful too! I feel like I have a solid foundation and look forward to developing my knowledge further..

Jessica is taking advantage of the BS to MS degree option at TESU; is the core content partner in both the undergraduate and master’s programs in analytics and data science. She’ll be taking Forecasting Analytics in November and the three Predictive Analytics classes starting in January.

Jessica told me she is “on a mission to visit every national park; quite a few assignments have been completed on the road!”  She’s up to 58 out of 421 total park units.

Keep up the good work!