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Apr 7: Statistics in Practice

Statistics in Practice

In this week’s Brief, we look in greater detail at Elder Research, Inc., which recently acquired  If your organization is like most organizations, your data science initiatives may lack the direction and support they need to succeed – having a data science team does not guarantee data science success in business.  If your organization needs help in figuring out goals and objectives, in putting together the right team, in bringing data literacy to your organization, Elder Research can help with a strategy consultation. Contact Carter Phillips today to schedule.

Meanwhile… put your own time to good use!  Use the coming month to introduce yourself to Python, or, for those with some Python familiarity, learn how to apply it to predictive analytics.

See you in class!

Peter Bruce

Founder, Author, and Senior Scientist

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Elder Research Capabilities

In late December, was acquired by Elder Research, Inc.  Many of you have asked “Who are they? What do they do?” Here’s more detail […]


The hype around Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science is enormous, so it’s tempting to be skeptical of the return on investment (ROI) claimed. Still, most of the results […]

John Elder, IV, founder of Elder Research

Course Spotlight

April 10 – May 8:  Introduction to Python Programming  (for newcomers to Python)

The instructor for this course is Dr. Stan Blank, author of Python Programming in OpenGL: A Graphical Approach to Programming.

In this course you will

  • Learn the basics of programming in Python, on either Windows or Mac
  • Use both Jupyter notebooks and standard script editors
  • Work through simple arithmetic operations, statistical operations, variables, keywords, lists, arrays, and dictionaries.
  • Use conda to install modules and close with some data visualizations.

April 10 – May 8:  Predictive Analytics 1: Machine Learning Tools using Python

The instructor for this course is Dr. Peter Gedeck, co-author of the best selling course text, Data Mining for Business Analytics using Python.

In this course you will

  • Learn key machine learning tools (k-nearest neighbors, decision trees, and naive Bayes).
  • Use these tools with real world prediction tasks (predicting the price at which a used car will sell, whether a bank customer will take out a loan), and more.
  • Learn how to assess the predictive performance of these methods.

See you in class!

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