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Dr. Cliff Ragsdale

Instructor Spotlight: Cliff Ragsdale

Cliff T. Ragsdale teaches several courses for the Institute in the area of operations research, based on his best selling text “Spreadsheet Modeling and Decision Analysis.”  One of Cliff’s special talents is making his subject, which can be quite challenging technically, widely accessible. His courses do…

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Industry Spotlight: Package Delivery

Nothing better illustrates the encroachment of data science and analytics on the older "economy of tangible things" than the business of delivering packages. The use of analytics in package delivery is not new. Companies like UPS and Fedex are longtime users of operations research methods…

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100 years of variance

It is 100 years since R A Fischer introduced the concept of "variance"(in his 1918 paper "The Correlation Between Relatives on the Supposition of Mendelian Inheritance"). There is much that statistics has given us in the century that followed. Randomized clinical trials, and the means to…

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Course Spotlight: Constrained Optimization

Say you operate a tank farm (to store and sell fuel). How much of each fuel grade should you buy? You have specified flow and storage capacities, constraints on what types of fuels can be stored in which tanks, prior contractual obligations about minimum monthly…

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